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When we set out to create MarketConsensus, our idea was not to build a business, news and review blog, but rather to create a social media platform and crowdsourcing tool for average individual investors.

The Original Idea for MarketConsensus (Did Not Work)

After buying or selling a stock, average investors frequently wonder if they’ve made the right decision. was launched to be a simple-to-use platform that’ll allow any investor to quickly assess others’ opinions about his or her decision to buy and sell that stock.

For example, with a few, simple mouse clicks, an investor can ask “Is Apple Stock a Good Buy at my $560 Target Price?” or "Is Facebook Stock a Sell at the Current Market Price?", etc.

The Original Idea for MarketConsensus

Other investors visiting the site can then give a “Yes” or “No” vote, hence the name: MarketConsensus. The idea was that the consensus vote and feedback provided by other investors would provide greater confidence to the investor (if the majority vote agrees with what the investor wants to do: buy, sell or hold). Or in situations when the consensus goes against, then that investor can take it as a caution sign to do more research before conducting the trade or hold off.

The Pivot

Unfortunately, the social crowdsourcing business model did not garner enough interest.

However, we noticed that there was a tremendous level of interest on the MarketConsensus news and review blog section that had been created as an “after thought” to share information with our site users.

Over time, our news blog accounted for over 97% of our website traffic.

In the beginning of 2013, we decided to evolve our business model and turn MarketConsensus into a review and analysis news platform.

And, MarketConsensus News Blog came into being.

Making Consumers’ Life Easier

Today, MarketConsensus aims to simplify the “research and review” analysis that consumers sometimes conduct before joining a particular bank, opening an account with an online broker, buying a bond or a stock, promoting a new business, buying a particular product or before engaging in a specific transaction.

We concentrate on conducting detailed analysis and reviews, and publishing the below types of content:

Review of Banking and Brokerage Firms


Market and Business News


Buy, Sell or Hold Analysis of US and UK Stocks


Personal Finance Articles


Content for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs is not an investment advisory platform. Posted publications are for informational purposes only. 

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