Wal-Mart Store’s Q1 2014 Financial Results:

  • Profit: Wal-Mart announced higher earnings per share for the Q1 fiscal 2014 period. EPS for the first quarter increased 4.6% to $1.14, from the $1.09 earnings per share reported in Q1 2013.
  • Revenue: WMT’s first quarter sales fell by 1.4% due to “payroll tax increases, delays in tax refund checks, challenging weather conditions and less food inflation than expected”.
  • Analysts Expectations: Stock analysts were forecasting a 0.1% decline in the company’s Q1 sales, compared to the 1.4% decline reported by Wal-Mart’s management.

Wal-Mart Store’s Q1 2014 Financial Results (Sales, Forecast, Quarterly Results)
Wal-Mart - Net Sales

  • Forecast: Walmart’s management increased their EPS expectations for the second quarter (Q2) of 2014. They forecast 2Q EPS will come in “between $1.22 and $1.27, compared to $1.18 last year”.
  • FCF: Walmart announced it had a FCF of $1.9B as at the end of the Q1 period.
  • Dividend: WMT paid out $3.8B worth of dividends and shares buyback during the first quarter.
  • International Sales: The firm’s total international sales were $113.4B, an increase from the previous year’s Q1 period.

Wal-Mart Stores – 6 Months Stock Chart

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