3D Systems – Is the Stock (DDD) a Good Buy or Sell in 2014?

The time to get in on the action with hot new technology breakthroughs is often in the early cycle of its evolution.

Time and time again we've seen this phenomenon play out, and 3D Systems stock (DDD) seems to be holding true.

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The company manufactures and sells 3D printing systems, additive manufacturing solutions and 3D printing software, and has seen its shares rise nearly 164% during the review period.

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Additive manufacturing seems to be the new wave for small as well as large manufacturing companies to cut down cost while delivering customized manufacturing to their clients.

3D Systems has a well-rounded portfolio of solutions that will likely see it as the leader of the pack during 2014 and shortly beyond.


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Investors that rode the 2013 wave of euphoria of DDD's success may be wise to pause here – perhaps sell DDD stock, and take some profits off the table.

3D Systems has made a binge of acquisitions over the past few quarters that could (potentially) provide it with an even greater competitive advantage.

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However, some of these new acquisitions are in slower-growing segments of the 3D market, leading to lower margins.

Additionally, the early part of 2014 might be a good time for investors to watch how well DDD integrates all of those newly acquired businesses into its core operations.

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