6 Easy Ways to Boost Creativity at Work and at Home (Creative Thinking)

Contrary to popular believes out there, creativity isn't just restricted to poets, painters, pottery makers, fashion designers or video game creators.

It is an ability – like our memory or our eyesight – that lies hidden within every one of us.

Whether you are an Accountant, a Politician or a Librarian, there is a creative spark in all of us, and here are six ways you can fan that creative spark into a raging flame.


  1. Create your happy place: Clutter and drab surroundings are creativity-killers. If you are looking to boost your creative abilities, there's nothing more powerful than an upbeat, cheerful and happy place that can do that for you. Whether it is a brightly lit cubicle, vibrant drapes and wallpaper around the home, or a great view from a window. What makes you happy is what will make you creative!
  2. Create a happy mind: People create places (like your happy place), but it is your mind that will create a happy you. And to be happy and creative, you need a happy mind. Creativity thrives on positive thinking. It soars when you shun negativity. And it gets a great big boost when you feel confident about yourself and your abilities. If you are one of those that constantly doubt themselves, try some Yoga or mind calming exercises (deep breathing, meditation) to help make your mind happy and creative again!
  3. Analyze and realize: One trick that many psychologists often prescribe is to stop over analyzing every idea you have. If you constantly aim for perfection, you are likely to succumb to "paralysis by analysis" – you'll never get anything done. Some of the best creative outcomes are achieved by "analyzing and realizing" in small steps. Once you see how well step one turned out, you'll be inspired to think of creative ways to do step two even better.    
  4. Collaborate to create: Quite often when you try to go it alone on a creative project, you hit a brick wall. That's when negativity takes over and feeds on your failures. Have a list of "happy people" on your speed dial with whom you can brainstorm creative solutions. Reaching out to like-minded people can quickly help pull you back into your creative zone.
  5. Learn from your failures: There's nothing like failure, to kill your creative juices. But if you train yourself to look at each failure as a learning opportunity, you'll quickly be able to leverage failure to provide you even more creative solutions to success. Accepting and learning from failure is a great creativity booster.
  6. Taking a break: Just as our cars and trucks need a break to recharge and refuel, so too do we all need breaks from the mundane in order fuel our creativity. Taking breaks strategically often helps us look at old challenges in new, and often creative, light!

Celebrate Success

Creativity is like an addiction. The more you achieve it, the more you'll crave it. The more you crave it, the more you'll be driven to achieve it.

But this happy cycle of success will only come to you if you take pleasure in your creative accomplishments.


Every time you feel you've done something creative, take time to celebrate your accomplishments.

Tell people in your Facebook circle or in your Twitter-sphere about what you've achieved.

There's nothing more that will fuel your creative juices than being acknowledged by others for your creativity.