Ally Bank Routing Number

Ever since posting our review article on Ally Bank (Ally Bank Reviews | Top Pros and Cons You Should Know), we’ve been getting a lot of questions, including where consumers can find Ally Bank’s routing number.

Below is the routing number for Ally Bank

Ally Bank's Routing Number: 124003116

To get funds transferred into or out of your account, you’ll need the routing number, as well as your account number.

Where can I find my Ally Account Routing Number?

Your Ally Bank account number can be found at the bottom of your check:

                                Ally Bank Routing Number

What are bank routing numbers?

  • The routing number is the first 9 numbers between the non-numerical markings.
  • Your Ally Bank account number is the middle set of digits at the bottom of your check.
  • Do not include the check number as part of your account number


Ally Bank Address

Ally does not have branches, but you can send physical mails as below.

  • Send deposit slips and checks (make sure to sign the back of the check and then send)  to:

Ally Bank

P.O. Box 13625

Philadelphia, PA 19101

  • Send general banking correspondence to:

Ally Bank Customer Care

P.O. Box 951

Horsham, PA 19044


Ally Bank Phone Number

  • 1-877-247-ALLY (2559)
  • You can call them any day or time (24/7)

                            Routing number for Ally Bank