After buying or selling a stock, individual investors frequently wonder if they’ve made the right decision. MarketConsensus, a newly launched social crowdsourcing site now offers them a way to boost their confidence. This free and simple-to-use platform helps individuals to connect with other investors and garner feedback and market consensus on their investing decisions.

For example, with a few simple mouse clicks, an investor can request market consensus on a stock (i,e.: Is Google (GOOG) a sell at my $745 target price?). Other investors will weigh in and give their market consensus on whether they think the selling price is on target or misses the mark. Additionally, a comments section lets investors give their rationale for voting for or against the individual investor’s decision to invest in or trade the stock.

Final2_0 is especially helpful to individual investors who don’t have time to constantly monitor the stock market or may have doubts after investing in or trading a stock. Unlike other social investing sites that limit investors to just following other traders or contributing to stock conversations, empowers them to initiate a discussion around their own interests and specific investing decisions.

“We're not trying to reinvent the social investing wheel," said Ogbe Airiodion, founder of "We're just trying to level the playing field for average individual investors. It's about your ability to center the conversations on your own investing choices and get a market consensus reading on your decision."

Until now, social investing sites catered predominately to high-frequency investors, but is geared toward the broader investing class. “Our potential audience includes those individuals who are interested in the financial markets but lack access to the sophisticated algorithms and computational tools available to high-frequency investors” Airiodion added.

MarketConsensus is not an investment advisory platform. Rather, it functions as a sounding board for individuals to connect with other investors regarding their decisions to buy or sell stocks at a particular price, with the additional option to network and share ideas with others.

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