Apr 24, 2013: Here is a quick snapshot of General Electric Co (GE)'s top and bottom line results.

Q1 2013 Quarterly Results:

  • Highlights: 15% improved Operating EPS; 3% increase in infrastructure orders; healthy backlog; great Cash flow; 12th consecutive quarterly growth story
  • Total Revenue: General Electric Co (GE) reported Total Revenues of $35.01B for Q1 2013, almost flat from the $35.08B reported in Q1 2012, but slightly higher than the $34.51B analysts were expecting.

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  • Net Income: GE's Net Earnings was $3.5B, up by 16% from the $3.0B in Q1-2012. Both Industrials and GE Financials reported income growth from last year – 16% and 15% respectively.   
  • EPS/Diluted: GE's $0.35 EPS/D was a 17% increase over last year's $0.30, and in line with average analyst estimates.

GE's 1 Yr Stock Chart