Haynes International, Inc – Q4 Net Revenue Report

  • Ticker Symbol:    HAYN
  • Company Name: Haynes International, Inc.
  • Reporting Period: Q4 and Fiscal Year 2013


  • Q4 Net Revenue came in at $115.7M, compared to $150.3M and $12.9M respectively during the same period last year
  • Diluted EPS for the quarter was $0.32 versus $1.04 last year
  • On a fiscal year basis, Net Revenue came in at $482.7M, with Net Income reported as $21.6M. This is compared to $579.6M and $50.2M last year
  • For fiscal 2013 Gross Margins were $73.6M, dropping from $120.8M in 2012
  • Operating Income declined from $77.0M in 2012 to $32.0M in fiscal 2013
  • Diluted EPS for the fiscal year came in at $1.74/Diluted share compared to $4.07/Diluted share last year
  • The company declared a dividend of $0.22/share for the quarter



  • The company spent almost $7.9M on capital projects in Q4, ending the year with approximately $41.6M in capital spending. An additional $57.0M is earmarked for capital projects in fiscal 2014.
  • Company Management provided forward guidance for lower revenue expectations in Q1 2014 (compared to Q4 2013), and expects a first quarter loss in 2014.