Life360 gives you peace of mind where your family is concerned. At any point in time, you can use Life360’s app to find family members on a map. “Open Life360. Glance at your private family map. Instantly feel peace of mind in knowing that everyone is where they’re supposed to be. “


Life360 is a free communication and location app for mobile phones. Here’s how it works. You download the app to your smartphone and register an account. Next, you invite family members and they approve the request to activate the connection. Once you connect with each other, you can get real time updates on the location of your family members via GPS tracking on their phones.

Your family members can choose to uninstall the app at any time. Life360 allows this capability as they believe the app is most helpful "when used as a communication and safety tool, not as a big brother."

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The app is best for iPhone and Android devices as well as BlackBerry (on beta) and non-smart phones on SMS service. It can also be accessed on iPods and iPads but you will need to be online to get real time updates. You can enroll up to 6 family members. The best thing about the app is that no one can locate you without your permission. You need to allow contact enrollment first before anyone can access your whereabouts.


You can also invite family members who do not have smartphones, but there is a $4.99 fee for this option. You also have the flexibility to delete family members at any time from your circle of connections. The application offers a group chat feature that lets you and your family members communicate with each other no matter what the situation is. Track your kids anytime of the day, during any emergency or disaster effortlessly.

You can also locate a lost mobile phone, laptop and even your keys through its lost item recovery tags. You are able to create an emergency responder option that can help your child in disastrous events. You can also chat with your family members through the application in case you have something in mind to discuss over a cup of coffee.

Top competitors include Nearparent, Guardly, Location Labs, SafetyWeb, ZoeMob, Pair, Safely and Path Intelligence.