Apr 17th, 2013: Here is a quick snapshot of Schlumberger Ltd. (SLB)'s top and bottom line results.

Q1 2013 Quarterly Results:

  • Highlights: Oilfield Service Revenue up 8% Y/Y; Income and EPS down sequentially but up year-on-year; 2.5M share buyback worth $193M implemented during quarter.
  • Revenue: Schlumberger Ltd. (SLB) reported Revenue of $10.67B, which was a 5% sequential decline, and 8% Y/Y increase, from $11.17B (Q4 2012) and $9.92B (last year) respectively. Analysts' consensus was revenue to come in at $10.73B.  
  • Net Income: Income from continuing operations, reported at $1.36B, represents a sequential decrease of 6%, but a Y/Y increase of 4%.    
  • EPS/Diluted: The Company reported EPS/D of $0.94 compared to $0.97 last rear. Average analyst consensus for EPS was $0.99/share.

SLB's 1 Yr Stock Chart