Apr 19th, 2013: McDonalds Corp. (MCD)'s top and bottom line financial results.

Q1 2013 Quarterly Results:

  • Highlights: US same-store sales decline first time since 2003; revenue increases 1%; operating income declines 1%; returned $1.1B to unit holders in dividends and buybacks.
  • Revenue: McDonalds Corp. (MCD) reported revenue of $6.60B for Q1 2013, 1% up from the $6.54B reported last year, but in line with the $6.59B average estimated by analysts. April'13 sales expected to be low as well.
  • Net Income: MCD's Net Income came in at 1.27B, about 1% higher than the $1.26B reported in Q1 2012.  Operating Income of $1.94B was 1% lower than the $1.96B reported last year.
  • EPS/Diluted: At $1.26, MCD's EPS/D was 2% higher than the $1.23 reported last year, but came in a penny  shy of the $1.27 average expectation of analysts. 

MCD's 1 Yr Stock Chart