NewsCred is considered top of the line when it comes to content marketing and syndication. It has developed a totally new way of connecting publishers with previously untenable markets. This startup pulls together all your publications and pushes them into a wider world of journalism that is difficult to reach via traditional marketing efforts. 


Are you struggling to get your publications out into the world and also increase your earnings? This is what NewsCred is all about. As stated on the company's About Us page: “by sourcing and licensing trusted content across a broad range of subjects and perspectives, [we] deliver millions of dollars of revenue back into the news ecosystem, offering a crucial industry the means not just to survive, but thrive.”

Content marketing is important for every publisher – big or small. It is essential that articles, news, blog posts, photographs, research data or multimedia products can be accessed by the largest audience possible. NewsCred’s strategy is based on building a closer relationship between publishers and potential markets. "We're not another news aggregator. We're committed to the future of journalism. NewsCred is the only global company to offer publishers and brands a full end-to-end content solution."


Considered one of “Silicon Valley’s Hottest Start-ups” by Business Insider, NewsCred is co-founded by Asif Rahman and Shafqat Islam. The group has pulled in an estimated venture funding of $4.75M. Their top media and content partners include Bloomberg, The Economist, Telegraph, Associated Press and The Guardian. Well known companies like Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, Lenovo, Chicago Tribune, Forbes and Orange Telecom are included in their ever growing list of clients.

During an interview with Business Insider, the company’s CEO Shafqat Islam shared his high hopes for the company saying “every Fortune 2000 company today is a candidate for content marketing. If they're not doing it, they will be, and we want to be in every single brand.”