Bank of America Online Banking Reviews | BofA Pros and Cons

Bank of America Online Banking has really taken off since it was introduced several years ago.

The simple fact is that, it is much easier to open y  our laptop or get on your smart phone to search account activity, look at balances and make transfers than it is to get in the car and drive to the bank and do the same things.

Bank of America Online Banking Review - Bank on Your Schedule
Bank of America Online Banking

Bank of America was one of the first banks to jump into online banking.

Below is a detailed review of Bank of America Online Banking, including the various pros and cons that we discovered during our analysis.


Pros – Bank of America Online Banking Review

One of my favorite pros to the platform is the ability to set up text messages and email alerts for just about anything. If you want to know when checks clear, if something appears to be fraudulent, when your balance gets too low and more, you can with a simple text or email.

Of course, these aren't the only benefits of using this online banking option.

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It is incredibly easy to access account information, initiate transfers and pay bills using the Bank of America online banking platform.

Bank of America is arguably one of the largest and most trusted banks in the United States today. That being said, their online banking options are quite impressive.

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Online banking can mean quite a bit these days.

It can mean anything from tracking credit card accounts to checking accounts, savings accounts, investments, loans, and more through the use of an online platform.

With Bank of America's online banking option, you can track all of these accounts in one, easy to find place.

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Aside from simply being able to track what's going on with your accounts, you have several options to help you through the “smart finance” process.

Bank of America Online Banking Review - Make Payments from Anywhere

Here are just a couple of my favorites.

  • Set Up Personalized Alerts – Are overdrafts costing you too much? You can set up an alert that warns you when your balance gets a bit too low, setting the bar wherever you'd like. Interested in tracking your checks to the point of being cashed?

There's an alert for that too! You set up alerts for just about anything from credit card purchases to savings account deposits, loan payments, and more using Bank of America's online banking option.

  • Online Bill Pay – If you're interested in setting your bill payments up online, all in one place, Bank of America makes that process simple.

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How Much Does Bank of America Online Banking Cost?

This is my favorite part – you pay no extra for the online banking option. No matter if you open your account online or in the branch, you pay the same.

All the more reason the drive to the branch seems a bit obsolete these days.

Bank of America Online Banking Review - Dashboard


Cons – Bank of America Online Banking Review

Although their platform has so much to offer, it's not the easiest thing in the world to use.

People who aren't used to working with computers may have a hard time finding things at first.

However, after a couple of log-ins, just about anyone can use the system.

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There is indeed one drawback when it comes to Bank of America's online banking option, and that is mainly due to the good things that come with using the platform.

Because there are so many things that you are able to do using this online banking platform, there are obviously tons of options when you log in.

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At first, if you are looking for something in particular, it may take a longer than desirable time to find it. However, as you get to know the platform, it really becomes as simple as a couple of clicks and you've got what you want!


Bank of America Online Banking Overall Review

Overall, this is one of the best options for online banking on the market today.

There are far more pros to their online banking platform than we could fit in this short review. However, the list of cons is very small. We couldn't find many issues with using the platform!

Overall, Bank of America Online Banking is a great option for anyone looking for the flexibility of taking their banking activities into the online, paperless realm.


Can You TRUST Bank of America Online Banking?

Finally, here's a big question… can you TRUST Bank of America online banking?

When you start your online banking ventures, you're not just starting a bank account, you're starting a relationship.

The truth is: no one likes changing bank accounts.

There's way too much work in that! So, when you sign up for a bank account, you're most likely going to have that account until something drastic causes you to switch banks.

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So, knowing if you can trust the bank you're choosing is the most important thing when it comes to opening a new account.

When it comes to Bank of America, they've created a brand for themselves because of years and years of successfully serving American consumers and businesses.

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Throughout the years, this has always been a trust option and is arguably the most trusted option in banking today.

The bottom line is, if you're looking for an online banking system that you can trust, you don't need to look any further than Bank of America.